Pine Ridge Photos

Scroll over photos to identify, click on photos to enlarge.

BEFORE photos were taken in September 2007, two months prior to logging in November 2007. Note the blue paint marking trees to be cut, most of which are large enough to be of commercial value (10-12 inches diameter).

AFTER photos were taken October 2008 (11 months after logging), note the slash left behind, the large size of the stumps, the access roads cut through the park and the ruts left behind by the large equipment used. The open canopy created by harvesting large trees will encourage new growth (to generate future logging revenues), but at what cost? The recreational value of the forest is diminished in both the short and long term by the many rutted access roads, the slash, the growth of briers, vines and other nuisance plants – all of which make it difficult to walk and are much less pleasing than the majestic mature trees that were removed.  Remember the plan calls for a 10 year cycle of logging and will then be “updated” – the continual removal of mammoth trees will NEVER allow park visitors to experience and enjoy the older-growth forests that covered Penn’s woods in colonial times.

Note: Given the drastic change in the forest (new access roads, etc.) we were unable to identify and take photos of the same locations before and after the cut. However, these are representative photos and we encourage concerned citizens to visit the site to personally judge the effects of the timbering.

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